The L.A. Times today took note of The Agency and other independent real estate agencies who are opening offices now despite the overall downturn in the housing market and decreasing number of agents nationwide.

“The high-end market is less sensitive to a downturn in the economy,” industry expert Stefan Swanepoel told the L.A. Times.

In the article, The Agency’s Billy Rose notes that they are in discussions to add offices around the world, with possible locations including Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.

As Mauricio Umansky noted when The Agency launched, “The world is now one integrated marketplace, so we are creating a network of the most capable, respected and informed agents in each region of the globe. Our clients will be expertly represented on purchases, and their properties will receive tremendous exposure throughout the world.”

Read the full L.A. Times article here.

Watch Mauricio and Billy talk about The Agency’s commitment to developing a global presence in the video below.