In the much coveted 800 block of the flats in Beverly Hills, there sits an architectural curiosity boasting the balance of modern edge and functional design. The home, located at 818 N. Roxbury Dr., was entrusted to architect Leonardo Umansky by his parents Alfredo and Betty Umansky. Respecting their initial desire for a Mediterranean retreat, Leonardo, who is the cousin of The Agency’s CEO Mauricio Umansky, pushed them to consider their 40 year old extensive art collection for further inspiration. Emerging from this family collaboration rises a structure recognized as one of “The World’s Best 100 Homes” by Images Publishing, and designed to properly entertain and inspire the most artistic of minds.

The 5 bedroom, 9,302 square foot home welcomes guests with a spacious and intriguing lure. Upon entering, visitors are met with an enticing choice: to follow the central artery of the home, and explore its movement; or pursue the gliding steps of the spiral staircase set before them.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create an unbounded feel while inviting visitors to appreciate the ornate landscape.  Staying true to its welcoming charisma, the house lacks traditional doors, allowing for the seamless flow of red oak flooring that introduce new rooms to its guests.

The home matches its extrovert personality with curious and ironic tendencies. Natural skylights and countless windows blur the boarder of nature and structure without compromising privacy. Rooms have no choice but to elicit emotions with the juxtaposition of organic material and art inspired construction. This thoughtful architectural piece mirrors the very materials that construct its core.

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Come experience the home today by contacting Mauricio Umansky or Eduardo Umansky. View more photos and details on our listing page for 818 N. Roxbury Dr.