Joshua Myler The Agency

The Agency’s Josh Myler (above) wrote the below after our first weekly meeting of 2012. The meetings, held every Tuesday, allow agents to explore opportunities together and share information about listings and market trends. This type of collaboration is key to the mission of partnership at The Agency.

I was biking at the gym this morning, reading an interview with William Taylor, Cofounder and Editor of Fast Company, a magazine focused on examining what working professionals seek most, in the work place and in life.

Taylor and his business partner founded the company after several months of analyzing people’s responses to one very simple question:  Are we satisfied with what we’re getting out of our personal and professional lives? The consensus – No. We want more. More from our work than our parents had. And more out of life. According to Taylor, we want to be “part of organizations we believe in, to work with people we care about and to build companies the reflect the best of who we are.”

After our meeting yesterday, this struck an immediate chord. Not only because of what we’ve accomplished in the very short period since our inception, but because of where we’re headed.

The article goes on to touch on what Fast Company calls “Change Agents,” a term some of you may be familiar with. These are the leaders; the individuals who are so plugged in to what they’re doing that they “can sense massive shifts on the horizon” and position themselves and their colleagues to strategically embrace these imminent changes.

This begs some questions:

  • How can we all, as Billy Rose said in the meeting, take more pride in our work and in our relationships?
  • What can we do to ensure that we remain present to our clients’ minds?
  • What ideas can we share with each other that might make a positive impact on our business?
  • How can we all become better change agents?

To echo the sentiment Aileen Comora shared in yesterday’s meeting, this is the first time I’ve felt comfortable and safe in this business. I think it’s because I believe now more than ever in my fellow comrades (you), I believe in what we’re doing and I believe that we can all push and pull each other into creating something unique.

“The work of making meaningful, deep-seated change – sustaining results and unleashing innovation over the long term – is the hardest work there is. That’s what it takes to be a change agent.”

We can do that. We are doing that.

And it’s awesome to be a part of it.