Location: 12 Bay Island, Newport Beach, CA
Size: 5 Bedrooms / 7 baths; over 5,400 square feet
For Sale: $21,900,000
Agent: Mauricio Umansky

There is a magical island that sits out into the middle of what is called the turning basin in the harbor of Newport Beach, CA. It is where the five channels of beautifully home lined waterways come together and all the main activity is centered. Bay Island is not well known because it privately owned by 23 families, and the homes have typically passed down from generation to generation with little access to the public.

Out on the north point of this magical Bay Island sits a Balinese inspired, understated yet elegant and exquisite home that has graced architectural magazines. 12 Bay Island has been called one of the most beautiful homes in Southern California. It’s a stunning “Point Property,” of which there are only a few.

The home is surrounded by lawn and water on all three sides, as it sits out into the middle of the harbor. Here all 5 channels of the harbor convene and present the home with stunning views of all the boating activity, the mountains, the lights of Fashion Island and Newport Coast. The home feels in many ways as if it’s a boat itself sitting out into the middle of all of this, yet also quiet and serene.

On the East side, the home’s infinity pool and waterfall overlook a magnificent private beach that few homes in the harbor can claim the same.

On the north side, the home looks out into the harbor and onto its stunning dock that feels like an entertainment area all in itself. It can accommodate a number of boats (even up to 100ft plus) and water toys, a dining table and 6 chaises.

On the West side, the home looks out onto beautiful lawns and gardens as well as the harbor and its beautiful sunsets. And to the South, just steps from the home, sits a beautiful North-South tennis court and a beautiful rose cutting-garden.

This home feels as if it’s one with the Point itself. Its coveted location and unique features such as beautiful mohagany doors that pocket away into the walls and lounging areas and outdoor table with its own fire pit center make 12 Bay Island  a magical home and truly one of a kind.

A home like this comes along once in a lifetime, and when it’s gone it may also stay in family hands for generations to come. You must see this home to truly feel and appreciate how special it is. It feels secluded and private yet in the midst of all the beauty and activity of the harbor as if it’s integrally a part of it. Tour the island and take the home’s electric boat out and around the turning basin and see for yourself.

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