The latest issue of Ventura Blvd features The Agency’s Craig Knizek in its special “Profiles: Real Estate” section. The article highlights Knizek’s experience as a real estate agent for the past 10 years, specializing in properties throughout the San Fernando Valley, and his previous career as a producer and director of primetime network television shows (“Mad About You,” “The Simpson”).

Asked why he thinks clients choose him over another agent, Knizek said he believes his clients recognize the competitive edge The Agency offers. “Our culture of  sharing information and assisting with each other’s listings and buyers means we truly have an incredible amount of energy and dedicated  resources working for the client,” said Knizek. “We also have unparalleled access to ‘Pocket Listings,’ and a truly robust and meaningful international presence.”

Knizek also believes his experience of running his own real estate design/development company, Prescott Properties, gives him an advantage. “I buy a lot of real estate with my own money, so when I’m representing clients, I’m able to apply that same disciplined financial analysis to the transaction,” noted Knizek. “I know the process, valuations and inventory thoroughly, so I’m able to manage my client’s expectations throughout the process.”

For more on Craig Knizek, including his thoughts on what it takes to be the best in the real estate business, read his full profile in Ventura Blvd here.