The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky has been saying that “global is the new local” in luxury real estate, and he certainly practices what he preaches as he travels around the world on business like most of us do around our hometowns. Just this April, Mauricio flew to China to further The Agency’s relationships there, spending time in both Sanya and Shanghai, before flying off to Venice, Italy to appear at the 3rd Prestige MLS Luxury Real Estate Congress. We recently caught up with Mauricio here in Beverly Hills to get his expert travel tips on topics such as jet lag and staying fit while traveling. And we even take a look inside his carry-on bag.

First off, window seat or aisle seat?

Aisle seat for sure. On such long flights I need the ability to get up and walk around and stretch, without bothering the people sitting next to me.

You travel frequently to both Asia and Europe as well as both coasts of the U.S. What’s your strategy for dealing with jet lag along the way?

When traveling east, I prefer to take night-time flights, and I normally always fly business class. This allows you to sleep on the plane quite comfortably, and usually gets you in 2 days later in the morning, due to the time differential/flying time. You are able to wake up pretty well-rested and ready to go. On flights going west, jet lag is very difficult to deal with. The jet lag is terrible. Upon landing at my destination, I just make a big effort to try to stay awake and get a good rest that first night.

Favorite way to touch base with your family while traveling?

Either Skype or FaceTime.

What are some must-amenities for you when it comes to selecting a business hotel?

Wi-fi throughout the property, a business center, gym/pool, and a great location.

We know exercising is important to you. What are some of your tips for keeping fit when traveling for business?

I usually try to stay at hotels that have good gyms and hopefully that have a pool, since I love to swim. But I also carry a set of resistance bands as well as a jump rope so that I can squeeze in a quick workout in my room. That, along with pushups and sit-ups, can give you a full workout.

Finally, tell us what we’ll find in your carry-on on any given business trip.

My iPad with all my apps on it, including electronic books, e-magazines, movies and games. I also like to travel with noise-preventative headphones, 2 cellphones (local and international), tons of business cards, tooth brush and tooth paste, passport and sweatshirt.


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Photos below of Mauricio’s trip to China and Italy from his Instagram. Follow him there @mumansky18.