The star-studded attention and summer-like temperatures in January are reason enough, but in true California fashion, we’ve given the rest of the country something else to be jealous about: our ability to cultivate an outdoor haven well after the sun has set. As was the case with our earliest ancestors, the magestic nature of fire still remains a focal point of human interaction today. A dream home in California just isn’t complete unless your gathering with friends has been beckoned outside by the warm glow of an outdoor fire. Sorry, candles…you don’t cut the cake anymore. Here are five properties that really turn up the heat.


Location: 12 Bay Island, Newport Beach, CA
Size: 5 Bedrooms / 7 baths; over 5,400 square feet
For Sale: $21,900,000
Agent: Mauricio Umansky

A truly unique outdoor setting, this patio allows you to sit back in your chair and watch as flames dance across the Newport Harbor.


Location: 1060 1st Ave, Napa Valley
Size: 5 Bedrooms / 4.5 baths; over 5,100 square feet
For Sale: $8,400,000
Agent: Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz

This longitudinal fire pit acts as a beacon of light sitting between a pair of cushioned seating and dramatically illuminating the surrounding scenery, including an infinity pool, exotic fruit orchard, and sweep of hillsides dotted with your very own cabernet grapes.


Location: 10054 Westwanda Dr., Beverly Hills Post Office
Size: 3 Bedrooms / 3 baths; 2,046 square feet
For Sale: $999,000
Agent: Billy Rose and Josh Myler

Beautiful, un-interrupted wood panels create the sophisticated backdrop for this backyard fireplace. Enjoy the full grill, hot tub, and soothing waterfall as you transition from a hot day to a cool night.


Location: 811 Warner Ave, Little Holmby
Size: 3 Bedrooms / 2 baths; 2,011 square feet
For Sale: $1,725,000
Agent: Carol Datson

A brick courtyard serves as the central point for which the rest of the house wraps around in this open-air enclosure. The wood-burning fireplace coupled with cocktail-ready furniture truly defines an extension of indoor living (without the roof).


Location: 29435 Malibu View Court, Agoura Hills
Size: 6 Bedrooms / 6.5 baths; 10,445 square feet
For Sale: $2,999,500
Agent: Kofi Natei Nartey

A stone path leads you from the first-level interior to this traditionally designed post-and-beam structure showcasing a grand, stone mantelpiece surrounded by lush landscaping, including all the cooking and dining amenities you could possibly need—rain or shine.