By Heather Bilyeu

The beginning of this week’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing L.A.” starts right where we left off, with Madison and I cornered off in the master bedroom. Sure, most women, and some men, would be in heaven, but not me. What nerve does Madison have to confront me while I’m hosting a broker’s open? Oh well, it was good to have finally been able to see him face-to-face since he avoided me for so long.

I think our conversation speaks for itself. Josh Altman was a co-listing agent, just like any other co-listing agent that we have had in the past. There are times that Madison has had to co-list with agents he does not like on a personal or even business level, but you suck it up because it is business. As you can see, it was an emotional conversation for me, but I’ve moved on to bigger and better! Speaking of, the broker’s open was such a success. Food + Drinks = Lots of Realtors! Secret to success. We had great feedback, and it worked out well that Josh and I can really cater to all demographics when selling this penthouse.

Josh Flagg’s lease client, Gabby, is a doll. Straying from real estate for a moment, I love her collection of leopard Louboutins, and she possesses a great style in general. Getting back to Josh Flagg now. Leases are not why Realtors get in the business. They are a ton of work for little to no pay and a long headache of property management afterwards. However, leases can lead to new clients, new listings or that same lease client buying later on. For instance, I have a great couple who just moved here from Seattle a year ago and was looking for leases up to $4500/month. It was a lot of work to find them a place, and micromanaging the lease since, but they are now looking to purchase a home up to $2 Million. My suggestion is don’t pass on that lease lead too quickly, because you never know who is on the other end.

I do love Madison’s parents, Phil and Wendy, but I obviously lost them in the break up. From the sounds of it, they were upset too. Phil and Wendy’s home in Park City is gorgeous. It’s interesting to see Madison be in the shoes of a seller. I think this is a great experience for viewers to see how to interview agents as there is no real guide out there for that. As you see, Madison lines up several agents for interviews. I recommend asking your neighbors, family and friends who they have used; a referral goes a long way. Also, searching the internet for keywords to find agents is also helpful as 85% of buyers start their search on the internet, which means your listing will pop-up if you list with that same agent you found.

Madison asks the agents important questions about their business, such as: how many homes do you have on the market, how many have you sold, and what price point do you typically sell. It’s also key to know if the agent has sold in the neighborhood before because you want someone familiar with the features of the community and area and who knows the inventory so they can price your property correctly and have a pool of buyers for your property. We’ll have to wait until next week to see who Madison hires.

Josh Altman lists a renovated California bungalow that is priced to sell. Josh’s open house goes really well, and between the price, location and the fact that the home is basically turn key, it created a lot of buzz. Josh really added to the value of the home by including the renderings of the backyard, showing the multiple ways a buyer could add a pool. Buyers are very visual and that type of marketing is always received well. And doesn’t Josh look cute with a baby in his arms?

The private showing goes great. The perfect home for a young, single girl and her adorable pup who is sporting dog nail “pawlish.” So LA! As Josh Altman predicted, the home has multiple offers. The sellers are a bit put-off by the lower offer but this is how the sport of negotiating works. I try to inform my clients never to take these offers personally. Josh is in a great situation despite what his clients may think. This is Josh’s opportunity to put the heat on the multiple buyers and get them to step up. I like to say: “You have to pay to play. Give me your best and final!” Stay tuned to see if Josh can sell this one and stay tuned for next week’s big sales and big drama.

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