In 2010, The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky closed more than $185,000,000 in sales, making him the top-producing real estate agent in Southern California. This year, Mauricio lets it be known that his goal is to top that number, and do so in a big way. In a video presented by Inman Next (and filmed at our listing at 1060 Woodland Dr, Beverly Hills), Mauricio boldly states that his goal for 2012 is to do $200 Million in business, and then he lays out how he will get it done.

In doing so, Mauricio covers a number of topics, from his no a**hole rule and the culture of collaboration at The Agency to the importance of keeping up with technology. He also gives great advice on how to make it in the real estate business, or any business for that matter.

“You got to wake up, you got to make the calls, and you have to have no fear. You have to go after the business. Don’t stop. Every day.”

Watch the full video below or here, and let Mauricio know your thoughts either in the comments below, or on twitter (@MauricioUmansky).