By Kofi Natei Nartey, Director, Sports & Entertainment Division at The Agency

Although the $2 Billion purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers by Magic Johnson and his investment group has definitely stirred up new interest in the franchise, I had not jumped in line for season tickets yet. My younger brother was drafted in the second round by the New York Mets several years ago. I had considered this as my family’s contribution to baseball, and it marked the height of my interest in the sport. However, there might be a “change up.”

Recently, I took over a listing that belonged to an executive with the Dodgers. The property had been on the market with another agent for the previous 9 months with no activity (Strike Out!). The purpose of my initial conversation with the sellers was to restore their faith in real estate professionals. The other part of the conversation was to devise a game plan to get the property sold. With the proper sales and marketing strategy, which included a staging consultation and aggressive targeted marketing, I was able to sell the property in just over a month (Home Run!). My client was so satisfied with my performance as the “relief agent” that he offered me tickets to any and every game I was willing to attend.

I finally took him up on his offer and found that attending a game can make a baseball fan out of any true sports enthusiast. We had amazing field level seats. The great Los Angeles weather, lush green field, excited crowd, and world famous Dodger Dogs accelerated the fan curve. Sometime between the foul ball that almost took us out and singing along to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” we realized we were becoming fans. The final score of the game was in the Dodgers favor, but the most important win was for our family: Narteys – 4, Dodger Dogs – 0.


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