World renown DJ and recording artist Moby is best known for the creative array of music he’s made over the years, but it’s his longtime appreciation for the aesthetics of architecture that is attracting a whole new audience these days, through his Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog.

An East Coast native who resided on the Lower East Side of New York for a number of years, Moby recently moved to Los Angeles where he immediately noticed the city’s “hidden” and “weird” architecture. His fascination with it led him to start his blog, which features his photography of the city’s “strange and beautiful” buildings.

In the above video interview, courtesy of 1883 Magazine, Moby notes the stark contrast between New York and LA architecture. “In New York you have tenements, tall buildings and townhouses … that’s kinda about it,” he says. “Then I came to LA, and I was just baffled by the strangeness and the randomness of the architecture.” He goes on to talk specifically about some of the city’s most interesting architectural landmarks, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, the Hollywood Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Watt’s Towers and Green and Greene’s Gamble House.

Discover more of what Moby has to say about Los Angeles architecture in the video above and be sure to check out his blog to view his excellent architectural photography and personal take on the buildings and structures that make LA one-of-a-kind on the architectural world stage.