It’s not just about being seen in Los Angeles but what you are able to see that makes living in this region so thrilling. The landscape is our playground, and we like to be in the front row, on the top floor, or as close to overlooking the coast as possible. Location, location, location—it’s been repeated—but a killer view really seals the deal. We’ve hand-picked three luxury homes in Los Angeles each with their own captivating views that you don’t have to cross a velvet rope to enjoy. The street names even have the word “view” in them. Coincidence? We think not.


Location: 8320 Grand View, Hollywood Hills
Size: 3 Bedrooms / 3.5 baths; 4,100 square feet
For Sale: $3,995,000
Agents: Blair Chang

Walls of glass embrace the living room of this 3-bedroom, 3.5 baths Hollywood Hills home, making it feel like there is nothing in between you and the explosive city views. Though you won’t be able to manipulate the skyline, you can control just about everything else— sound, lighting, temperature & security—with the touch of an iPad.


Location: 3640 Multiview Drive, Sunset Strip
Size: 3 Bedrooms / 1.75 baths; 1.634 square feet
For Sale: $1,050,000
Agents: Heather Bilyeu

Rows of caramel wood planks seamlessly connect indoor space to outdoor space, beckoning people to enjoy the fresh air for a more polished, classy deck experience. Views of neighboring treetops dot the downtown area known as Sunset Strip, an iconic stretch of bustling Los Angeles energy.


Location: 8274 Grand View Road, Hollywood Hills
Size: 4 Bedrooms / 3 baths; 3,000 square feet
For Rent: $10,000/month
Agents: Aileen Comora and Paul Lester

We try not to play favorites, but palm trees casting a silhouette against lit-up downtown literally lights us up in turn. Though incredibly inviting, this view is best enjoyed with a cocktail from your mini bar and a generous handful of your closest friends.