Sorry, rest of the country, but we’re giving you one more reason to want to live in Los Angeles: we are a breeding ground for sports stars. At the London 2012 Olympics, our local athletes out-medaled the rest of the country, proving that hard work and dedication can overpower distractions that come along with living by the beach and having access to endless amenities and entertainment.

As outlined in the map above from the Martin Prosperity Institute, athletes who reside in Los Angeles brought home the most medals from London (a total of 45 to be exact), more than four times the next closest city, San Francisco (11 medals). According to urban planning guru Patrick Adler, who received his doctorate from UCLA, the reason for our athletic prowess lies in our city’s “athletic friendliness,” the qualities of which emerge “from our culture around fitness and nutrition to our critical mass of athletes, training facilities and a lot of coaches.”

Kofi Natei Nartey, Director of the Sports & Entertainment Division at The Agency, agrees with this notion of “athletic friendliness” in LA. “With so many collegiate and professional athletes choosing to train here, the available competition is greater than anywhere else,” says Nartey. “There are also numerous rehabilitation facilities that rank among the top in the country. I’m sure rehabbing in this weather speeds up the recovery process.”

Yes, we must not forget our notoriously good weather, the other moving part that, along with our ode to fitness, makes LA the perfect home for emerging and existing sports stars. “With the temperate climate, athletes can train year-round here,” notes Nartey. And not only does it provide year-round training for our Olympic hopefuls but for anyone who is inclined to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Think private, custom-built swimming pools (like this home’s 60-foot one), gyms (1115 Sierra Alta has a nice one) and yoga studios (see 25342 Malibu Road). If you can dream it, someone out there can build it.

Or venture into the public sphere where you can enjoy unlimited access to hiking, biking, trail-running, an assortment of ocean-related activities, and a laundry list of personal trainers and resources that would make any East Coaster want to head down Route 66 straight to the Santa Monica Pier.