In 1923, legendary architect Rudolph Schindler, one of the pioneers of modern architecture and a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed and constructed El Pueblo Ribera Courts, perched just above Windansea Beach in La Jolla. Expanding upon his famous King’s Road house, Schindler cleverly utilized concrete poured in movable forms to create what is now a 6-unit functional piece of art that offers stellar views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as great privacy. Thought to be Schindler’s only work in San Diego (and now recognized as a historic site), the property represents many of the elements that set Schindler’s work apart and define his legacy as one of California’s greatest architects.

Recently, a two-bedroom/two-bath (plus office/bedroom with bath) home in El Pueble Ribera Court has come to market and is being represented by The Agency. We recently caught up with Billy Rose, who has the listing, to learn more about the home’s architectural pedigree and what makes its location in Windansea a special place.


Schindler once said: “The sense for the perception of architecture is not the eyes—but living. Our life is its image.” What is the life you see being lived and enjoyed here at El Pueblo Ribera Court?

Billy Rose:  Schindler’s El Pueblo Ribera Court creates both community (amongst the owners of its six units) and shelter from the greater outside world. It is a place you can retreat and enjoy the hypnotic sounds of the nearby waves, and yet you never feel like you are alone. And, due to the wonderful blurring of interior and the exterior space, retreating to the Court is like arriving on vacation. Schindler’s stripped-down palette of modest, organic and exposed materials (concrete, wood and glass), and the unfussy, unadorned spaces themselves, promote a clarity in thought and a simplicity in life that we all aspire for today.

You’ve said before that you’re not interested in selling homes as “commerce” or everyday “shelter” but instead you see the homes you sell as functional art. This Schindler certainly qualifies as such doesn’t it? 

BR:  The difference between a Schindler-designed home and the overwhelming preponderance of other examples of shelter is that a “Schindler” is designed with so much more in mind than just being a place to sleep and escape the elements. Schindler understands how the sun passes through the sky and illuminates spaces; he studies the way the wind blows and oppresses or animates our existence; he contemplates the manners in which people will circulate throughout a structure and a property. To me, good architecture influences, guides and enhances our lives. Schindler’s El Pueblo Ribera Court magnificently achieves all of that.

For those unfamiliar with La Jolla and this particular area of La Jolla, what makes it a special place?

BR: La Jolla is one of my favorite places on Earth. It is a laid-back beach town – yet it is sophisticated and full of cultural opportunities; it hasone of the best year ‘round climates; due to its “small-town” feel, it’s a wonderful place to grow up as a kid, and yet generations of adults never leave. It’s a place where you can always feel at home, and yet feel like you are always on vacation.

And Windansea is one of the more special neighborhoods of La Jolla. Its beach is legendary; a place known for big-time surf and world class surfers. The energy and sounds of the ocean are inescapable at Windansea and it energizes and entrances all who are within its proximity

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