As if you needed another reason to get excited about the slate of new restaurant openings in Los Angeles, here are two new ones. New York City’s Rao’s and Miami’s Barton G. The Restaurant, both landmark restaurants in their respective cities, are set to open Los Angeles locations.

Owned by Frank Pelligrino and Ron Straci, Rao’s has lived on its East Harlem corner for 116 years, accumulating plenty of legendary stories along the way. Just like what goes on inside those doors (it’s been listed as one of the toughest places to dine in America), details are still very hush-hush, yet the Italian ristorante appears to be taking over a former club space on Seward Street in Hollywood.

We are already licking our lips in anticipation for their classic Neopolitan dishes, like savory meatballs, linguini with clams, and famous salad of simply roasted red peppers, golden raisins and pine nuts drizzled with olive oil. As is true with its original NY location, expect Rao’s to cater to a privileged, well-connected clientele.

Turning our attention to Barton G. The Restaurant, set to open in West Hollywood at the start of 2013, be prepared to enter into a whimsical paradise for the senses. A spectacle in both presentation and taste (orders are taken off of iPads), Barton G is fully committed to making “out of this world” culinary concepts the core of your dining experience.

Start off by pairing a chilled sparkling wine with your choice of nitrogenized berries for a high octane cocktail you just can’t get anywhere else. Menu items created by executive chef Jeff O’Neil won’t leave the kitchen’s sight unless they are properly adorned–think handcuffs with prime rib and fries in flower pots. Those may not be the kind of finishing touches that you are used to, but the element of surprise is intoxicating.