Is Los Angeles chef Craig Thornton’s once secret and frequent pop-up supper club in Downtown L.A., Wolvesmouth, taking over a more permanent–dare we say, actual–restaurant? It sure looks that way.
According to The New Yorker, Thornton could be hosting his widely popular dinner parties (which have been repeatedly shut down by local authorities) as soon as January, 2013. A failing Korean barbeque in Little Tokyo shopping center, just a few blocks from his loft where he has hosted many a gathering, is where he is planning to offer one seating per night, with eight to ten courses, for a set price of a hundred and ten dollars.

As always, the experience will be centered around food and the company that it is being shared with: 24 communal seats to be exact.

For his pop-up dinner experiences, which have been declared the “toughest reservation in the city” with its 4-digit number waitlist, Thornton hand-picks the guest list himself, not by status or fame, but by what dynamic that individual can bring to the table. You can only imagine the conversation that ignites at around the time the third course comes out between the MMA star, East Coast chef and self-appointed foodie/struggling actress.

As one guest described it, “The flirtation with communication and connection is a jarring break from the usual humdrum dining experience we’re accustomed to, and leave the patrons not wanting to call it a night.”

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Photo above from Wolvesmouth Flickr photostream.