High-fashion luxury brands have long infiltrated the world of sports, yet this time, it’s not golf, tennis, or polo they’re after. Following in Chanel’s footsteps, Marc Jacobs and James Perse have all introduced their own line of luxury surfboards. While some collections offer just two styles and others enough to outfit a team, what these couture brands are showing is an interest in becoming a luxury sport brand, specifically for those who indulge in the beach lifestyle. We’re not comparing surf breaks to runways just yet, but if you’re a style-conscious surfer who wants to pull into perfect, double overhead barrels in style, these boards are for you.



Classic, sleek, and bold have defined the Chanel brand for decades and it’s surfboards are no exception. Those willing to pay $4000 for a monochrome carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass-shaped board will get it delivered in a Chanel signature traveling case. Thanks, Coco.

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Marc Jacobs

The collection consists of nine models in various bold colors that are coincidentally shaped by a man named Hap Jacobs of “Jacobs Surfboards” in Hermosa Beach, California.

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James Perse

The Los Angeles-based designer sticks with a classic black-and-white combo for its two limited-edition boards made for maneuverability and speed.

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