Did somebody say Chihuahua cloud?

When we stumbled upon Architecture For Dogs, led by Muji‘s art director, Kenya Hara, and some of the world’s most innovative architects and designers, we simply couldn’t keep our, ahem, paws off our mouse as we clicked through the various designs.

Their initial project of 13 pieces, which was recently exhibited in the Miami Design District, aims to re-examine the human and canine relationship, fusing dog and architecture to become one. From resembling the animal in full, like the soft, fluffy accent piece for the Bichon Frise, to an interactive dog house built for the Beagle in your life, all of the designs cater to the specialties of a particular breed and come with blueprints that are free to download so that you can make the products yourself.

Here’s a look into a few of our favorite design-forward structures for man’s best friend:

Kengo Kuma for Pub

This mesh-shaped “mountain” is assembled using thin and long plywood pieces resembling branches which support each other without the need for nails or a bond. The structure serves as a nest and a plaything for the clever, mischievous nature of the Pug.



Konstantin Grcic for Toy Poodle


Poodles are known for being notoriously finicky about their looks and for being highly intelligent. But beauty queens? This design was created in reaction to a growing number of poodle owners who are claiming that their pups are reacting positively to mirrors and displaying “unmistakable” signs of self-awareness, a neurological trait that humans are able to accomplish when they’re 18 months to 2 years old.



Hiroshi Naito for Spitz


A tribute to his late companion, Pepe, this piece was designed so that long-haired pooches can live more comfortably in warm environments. “By inserting a plastic bag filled with ice into the highly thermally conductive aluminum pipe, you can expect quite the cooling effect,” explains the architect.



Torafu Architects for Jack Russell Terrier


Bred as a pet for a gentle disposition, the Jack Russell Terrier gravitates towards the smell and feel of its master’s clothes. Why not create a hammock of sorts devised from a wooden frame on which the owner’s old clothes are stretched? What’s left is a comforting piece of furniture that envelopes the dog’s body.



Atelier Bow-Wow for Dachshund Smooth


Long-bodied-short-legged dogs have trouble climbing onto traditional chairs and ascending stairs built for the human in mind. This innovative design makes it possible for dachshunds to meet their master’s eyes effortlessly—connect several together and you’ve created a ramp for the dogs to go upstairs.