Both sublimely artful and thoughtfully sustainable, our listing at 9400 Flicker Way — designed by architect Beth Holden of New Theme — shows that style and substance can coincide equally, and beautifully, without either being sacrificed in even the slightest way. A profile of this masterful architectural compound in the latest issue of Angeleno Interiors eloquently takes note of this accomplishment, which Holden achieved for her clients, Jill Greenberg and Rob Green. The couple — Greenberg, an acclaimed photographer, and Green, a producer — live in the 5 bedroom, 6 bath Hollywood Hills home with their two young children.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 8.55.51 PMWriting for Angeleno Interiors, Jade Chang says the following about 9400 Flicker Way:

“Located on a pie-shaped lot with its back to the hills and an expansive view of the city below, the [home] combines gorgeous, swooping curves and camera ready interiors with a rigorous sustainable philosophy that made it a case study for Villaraigosa’s green-building code and just earned it a LEED Silver certification.”

Chang further notes:

“The open sightlines of the house, whose floor-to-ceiling glass interior walls wrap three-quarters of the way around a small swimming pool, emphasize its existence as both a statement and a refuge, at once sheltered from the street and open to the world. As the sun makes its daily round, bright patches shift around the interiors, spliced by a skylight here, a curved wall there. In the entryway, a giant Scabetti chandelier made of white ceramic fish sometimes swims over the walls and the dramatic central stair can look like a well-lit sculpture, depending on the time of day.”

As Holden explains, the home is “meant to be a living work of art, gallery like but usable.”

Learn more about this extraordinary compound, including the challenge of creating such an ambitious, LEED-certified home, by reading the full Angeleno Interiors article here.

9400 Flicker Way is currently available for lease. For more information, contact Billy Rose at 424.230.3702 .