It’s time to break out your favorite winter toys. Along with temperatures dropping, so too is fresh powder from the mountains in Aspen all the way to the hilltops of the French Alps.

From mid-century Englishman using delivery boy’s sleds as recreation to modern-day cafeteria trays carving out slopes on college campuses, the leisurely sport of sledding has stood the test of time. At the crossroads of sophistication and design are the latest models, custom-built for gliding and turning with ease and speed. Set to the most idyllic scenes that winter resorting has to offer, these sleds are not only built for high performance maneuverability but they also look great perched next to a tree in between runs.

Here are three luxury sleds that have us all praying for snow:

Sirch Abyss R13 Sledge

The Abyss R13 by Sirch is made of made of solid, deam bended ash wood and features an adjustable cord reel for the steering.


Firun Swiss Premium Sled

The Firun sled makes use of molded plywood for a contemporary sled featuring a suspended seat that provides for cushioning against hard shocks. If you pull the front of the sled up while driving, chromium steel claws bring it rapidly to a halt with very little effort.



Snolo Stealth-X

The carbon fibre Stealth-X is built for serious adult fun with a seating position that makes you feel like you are sitting in a race car. Capable of reaching speeds up to 40 mph, this high-performance sled maneuvers much the same manner as a snowboard using your feet and your body positioning.