An exhibition opening this summer at the Los Angeles’s Architecture and Design Museum will feature spectacular architectural projects—like the “Causeway,” a water-based freeway stretching from Santa Monica to Malibu, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s domes and high-spired sports club in the hills of Runyon Canyon—that were dreamed up but never built due to municipal roadblocks or community intransigence.

Included in the retrospective exhibit will be 30 individual pieces ranging from photos to animated examples to an eleven-foot LEGO tower that will leave you feeling nostalgic for what never was.
“Never Built: Los Angeles” is scheduled to open this July and run until September at the A+D Museum located at Los Angeles’ Museum Row. Sneak peeks of the show design can be seen on the exhibit’s Kickstarter Campaign page, which reached their goal of raising $40,000 to fund the exhibition yet is still accepting donations to add even more works.
A+D serves as a showcase for important regional, national and international architects and designers, providing a forum for contemporary issues in architecture, urbanism, and design that are helping to shape the city.