Have your eye on the latest Amazon Kindle or Xbox 360s? The day has come where a hashtag is all it takes to make a purchase. That’s the latest news from the e-commerce world thanks to a new partnership between American Express and Twitter. The two announced that cardholders will soon be able to sync their American Express card with their Twitter account and make purchases on Twitter using only #hashtags.

“Just tweeting a hashtag literally turns that tweet into a transaction,” says David Wolf, VP of global product and business development at American Express. “Our merchants want the ability to better track conversations—and to see whether these conversations on Twitter are resulting in better busines.”

Simply tweet the hashtag corresponding to a curated list of products, and American Express will respond with a confirmation tweet. Once you tweet back to confirm, the deal is done, and you can expect the product to appear on your doorstep.

This isn’t the beginning of American Express and Twitter’s partnership—who started offering members savings via hashtags last March—but it’s a step further into the social currency arena by enabling direct purchases via the social network.

“It’s a new consumer behavior,” adds Wolf, “But that’s why we’re focused on making it incredibly simple.” American Express (who currently has over 600,000 followers on Twitter and over 2.7 million Facebook ‘likes’) also allows its members to sync their cards with Foursquare and Facebook, among other platforms, making it the company to beat in the race as the social credit card.

Learn more here or watch the video below.