It took two years and some of the best engineers in the field to create the Vertigo Fireplace for Safretti, a Western European manufacturer that is redefining “setting the mood.”
Designed by the Porsche Design Studio out of Austria, this innovative fireplace not only uses new safe burning technology but does so within a contemporary modern design theme for the ultimate eco-friendly and luxurious provider of warmth. Electric ignition by remote control negates any need for a separate lighter, not to mention the benefits from eliminating the release of any smoke, smell, soot or residue in your home.

Using Safretti’s patented safe burning system, ‘LUN’, the Vertigo meets the latest international security standards including a closed, separate tank system to ensure that the fuel tank cannot be topped up while the fire is still burning. Anyone familiar with the coveted Porsche brand will appreciate the sleek, timeless design—a trademark quality distinguishable on any of their products whether its automobiles, luggage, or a line of men’s fragrances.

The fireplace is entirely produced in Holland and available to Safretti partners within and outside of Netherlands, with plans to hit stores March 2013 at the retail price of $5,090.

Enjoy this video that further demonstrates the appeal of a Safretti-designed fireplace.