The Agency’s Kofi Natei Nartey will appear as a featured agent on the HGTV reality show Selling LA this week, and is scheduled to appear in additional episodes throughout Season 3 and Season 4. The hit show will feature Kofi working with buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market, and several episodes will show Kofi working with his niche market of professional athletes and entertainers.

With his acting experience (appearing on shows like True Blood, Modern Family, and Touch), Selling LA was a perfect fit for Kofi. We caught up with him earlier today to discuss the show.

The Agency Daily: What was it like having the cameras following you around while you were working and dealing with clients? 

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Kofi: I think my clients are more sensitive to the cameras than I am.  I tell them just to be themselves and have a fun time.  Fun seems to be the key to getting them to relax.

How receptive were your clients to appearing on the show?

Kofi: Most thought the idea of being on television sounded cool. Others were a little reluctant to do the show. It is natural to have concerns about how you will come across to a national audience.  I remind them to remember whether it’s good or bad, their friends will have a good laugh when they see them on TV. I tell them to get ready for the text messages and phone calls from people tuning in. The other benefit of being on the show is exposure for my sellers’ properties, or exposure for my buyer clients. One of my buyers was able to have his band featured on the show. How cool is that?

Have you seen any of the episodes in advance? 

Kofi: Unfortunately, there are no sneak previews of the show. I definitely asked. My main concern is that my clients enjoy the process and that the viewing audience will enjoy the inside look at how deals get done.

Is there a risk to appearing on the show as it relates to potential clients, or do you see a benefit in the exposure?

Kofi: I think the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  In real life, not every deal works out and the show is a slice of challenges we face in the real estate market.


Kofi’s 1st Episode of Selling LA will be this Friday, March 1, and he will appear in seven other episodes over the next two seasons.