The reasons to call the island paradise of Dorado Beach home are endless. It’s natural, tropical surroundings are unrivaled in the Caribbean and every home — including the beachfront Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences at West Beach — comes with Membership in the Dorado Beach Resort and Clue, one of the Caribbean’s most prestigious social clubs. As a member, you enjoy full access to all Club activities and facilities, including four championship golf courses, The Beach Club, the Fitness and Wellness Center and Rockefeller Nature Trail.

Beyond the breathtaking natural beauty, contemporary tropical luxury, world-class dining, and endless amenities and activities, here are 5 of the best reasons to own at Dorado Beach:

1. The ease of a comfortable, exotic escape. 
Equal parts U.S. comfort and Caribbean escape, Dorado Beach offers the perfect blend of the familiar and the exotic. You enjoy the comforts of U.S. laws, U.S. currency, English language and no customs – all wrapped in a tropical seaside paradise. American citizens can come and go without passports. The resort is easily accessible via San Juan International Airport. The project is fully financed and guaranteed by the puerto Rican government.

2. A historic community reinvented for the next half-century.
Dorado Beach has been a celebrated resort and community for the past half-century, establishing new standards for sustainability and tropical luxury well before most of the world was ever introduced to these concepts. Laurance Rockefeller’s legacy lives on at Dorado Beach today, through new contemporary design and a recommitment to an even more modern, thoughtful and sustainable form of luxury. Here, the history and cultural experiences are deeply rooted and authentic. Your family and friends will find new pursuits and passions are available at your fingertips, just around every turn of the Rockefeller Nature Trail.

3. The only Ritz-Carlton Reserve of its kind.
Dorado Beach is home to the second Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the world and the only one of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also the first to offer The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences, so you can live the extraordinary Reserve lifestyle every day.

Dorado-Beach-0434. Unique experiences from passionate designers.

Dorado Beach attracted some of the world’s best designers and inspired them to do some of their most passionate work. Every building has been designed for sustainability and to respect and embrace the natural environment. from The Watermill and Wind and Waves to the amazing Spa Botánico and the fitness and Wellness Center, every element of Dorado Beach reflects the best work of the world’s best designers, joining as a team to design and build an enriching resort community unlike any other.

5. Residences for every lifestyle.

However you envision your ideal Caribbean hideaway, Dorado Beach has a thoughtfully designed home to call your own. from beachfront residences and golf- and mountain-view villas to stylish condominiums and contemporary estate homes, a variety of price points appeal to families of all sizes and tastes – all sharing in the extraordinary experience of the Dorado Beach Club and the Dorado Beach lifestyle.

Bonus Reason: Favorable Tax Consequences

Puerto Rico recently enacted a new tax law designed to encourage wealthy individuals to live there. The law exempts new residents who have not lived in the unincorporated US territory in the previous 15 years from U.S. taxes on capital gains accrued after they move there, in addition to income derived from Puerto Rican domiciled businesses. A person needs to live 183 days a year on the island to become a legal resident. According to Alberto Baco Bague, Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, 10 wealthy individuals from the U.S. have already relocated to Puerto Rico to take advantage of the new tax laws, and 40 more are currently talking to the government about moving to the tropical paradise. To learn more on the new tax law, read this NY Times article.