The arrival of Spring in California brings out a desire to hit the open road and sleep beneath the stars without leaving all the modern luxuries of home at, well, home. California-based Shelter Co. solves that problem by making sure those things are there when you arrive, no matter how far flung your California destination may be.

Owned and operated by camping enthusiast and seasoned event planner Kelsey Sheofsky, Shelter Co. has been bringing luxe to the wilderness for nearly a year, drawing attention from such publications as Vogue, The New York Times Style Magazine, and most recently in Town & Country’s April issue.

Think Pendleton blankets, Adirondack furniture, and bedside tables, all under the protection of European canvas tents that span almost 200 square feet.

Each event is fully customizable to create the perfect setting, whether you’re going for a catered dinner, a classic barbeque, or even a wedding reception; they’ll set up camp anywhere you can pitch a tent (within legal reason). They’ve already partnered with properties in wine country, Big Sur, Redwood Valley’s Leonard Lake Reserve, Santa Ynez, and Joshua Tree, with many more on the horizon, ushering in a new and luxurious way to look at camping.

Shelter Co. (415-967-3630 or shelter-co.com). For reservations, call or email hello@shelter-co.com. Tent rentals range from $250 (unfurnished) to $750 (furnished) for up to three nights.