The Agency is pleased to announce the launch of The Agency Research & Planning Group, a new division focused on tailored market intelligence and new development planning. The Agency welcomes John Pallante, Vice President, to lead the team, working directly with developers and their financial partners.

“The Research & Planning team allows us to provide clients with a full range of options when it comes to strategic new development planning,” said Mauricio Umansky, CEO and co-founder of The Agency. “Many developers are starting to break ground on new projects and require both comprehensive market insight and tailored product planning direction. Having John on board combines our knowledge of luxury buyer essentials with the strategic planning of thoughtful and experienced analysis”.

headshotJohn joins The Agency from New York, where he spent the last ten years advising developers on the most significant worldwide residential projects. Having worked on all aspects of real estate development across a wide range of assets and markets, John is an expert in realizing the greatest value for both institutional and boutique developers. He was also pivotal in guiding developers through the challenges of the recession, helping to disseminate market intelligence and position new developments competitively in the marketplace.

During his six year tenure at Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, John advised on the viability, program and strategy for over 70 global development projects, representing $22 Billion in potential condominium sales, of which over $13.5 Billion are completed or in construction. These projects continue to shatter price and price-per-square-foot records.

“The progressive nature of The Agency is representative of the evolving culture of Los Angeles. Buyers and renters are making housing decisions driven by lifestyle and experiences. They are choosing urban areas of West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Downtown as they thrive on the culture and energy these neighborhoods provide,” said Pallante. “The team at The Agency understands this paradigm shift and we are responding to it with dynamic analysis and planning on the forefront of these new realities”.

Adds Billy Rose, President and co-founder of The Agency: “Los Angeles is just now finding its place within the group of major metropolitan cities worldwide, and we, at The Agency, want to be an integral partner of those who are at the forefront of helping shape the direction of this great city. The  Agency Research & Planning Group is an invaluable resource to developers and investors, and we couldn’t have found a better person than John Pallante to lead this division.”

The Agency Research & Planning Group recently released THE AGENCY REPORT, an analysis of the luxury market for the First Quarter 2013 for the prime areas of Los Angeles. This inaugural report examines closed and listed single-family homes above $1,000,000 and condominiums above $500,000 in Los Angeles. THE AGENCY REPORT confirms, in comprehensive analysis, recent anecdotal media reports for the renewed demand for the luxury market and lack of inventory for current buyers. Certain product types are returning to near-peak levels in pricing and price-per-square-foot.

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