By Paul Lester

In an effort to continue to bring the experience of a “full circle,” full-service, lifestyle experience to our clients, The Agency is deeply committed to the arts on many levels. As we enjoy continued success and growth, an example of this commitment has been our curation of the art in our office space, which has allowed us to engage our clients with the artwork when they visit us in our offices, expose new artists and their work, and encourage a dialogue with artists and the community that we serve.

As a continued commitment to one of these facets of supporting the arts — the mixed-media art world –we will be curating ongoing exhibits of artists, both local and international, on our walls of our soon-to-be new space.

The curation of our space as a gallery for artists known, and soon to be discovered, is only one facet of a dynamic and integral pledge that The Agency has to the artistic community at large. Our new office space will allow us to dedicate to the arts in many forms: architectural forums, master lectures/classes, book signings, artists receptions and cultural events, to name a few.

In addition, The Agency will work to interweave the lifestyle experience with cultural, aesthetic, and luxury experiences that highlight all of these aspects in hosted events at our spectacular properties.

As a preamble to our next chapter, here are examples of the artists currently highlighted on the walls at The Agency:

Herbert Hamak

Salomón Huerta

Charlie Bidwell