When most people think of reality television, the word “drama” is high on the list of what comes to mind. But for The Agency’s Kofi Natei Nartey, one of the featured agents on this season of HGTV’s “Selling LA,” it’s the lack of drama, or at least the type that is manufactured for “good TV” ratings, that made appearing on the show appealing to him.

Kofi“There’s not a lot of drama,” Nartey told Zillow’s Erika Riggs in a recent interview. “That’s part of why I agreed to be on the show. With reality TV, it can hurt or benefit your business. On ‘Selling LA,’ the drama in the show is what we are experiencing in real life. For example, if we are facing a deadline to get a property sold or a fire-drill during a sale — it’s not fabricated.”

And what do his clients think about appearing on the show?

“Clients have opted to participate and usually enjoy the process,” said Nartey. “Life brings stress anyway and we don’t bring additional stress. And, if there is something my clients want to showcase — something about their own lives beyond being a celebrity or athlete — it’s an opportunity. Maybe they want to promote a charity, for example.”

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