When your workplace doubles as the place you call home, you never have to miss a meeting again—let alone endure traffic or other inconveniences associated with traveling to and from work. Within the coveted Royal Oaks Estates of Encino is a space where work and home life seamlessly combine, providing the luxury of convenience as well as the opportunity to claim deductible expenses. We sat down with The Agency’s Craig Knizek to talk about his listing at 16144 High Valley Place and learn more about what makes the home’s 1,600 sq. ft office space a “tax haven.”

“This type of home office is a unique asset for me to market because, as is, it can appeal to a wide variety of professionals who can conduct a small practice with 2-3 employees right from the ease and comfort of their own home,” shared Craig.

16145HighValleyPRINT10He points out that what makes this a true home office is the separate entrance leading directly into a waiting room with a receptionist desk and conference table. This portion of the business is distinguished by floor to ceiling smoke glass doors which then lead one into the principal/CEO’s “inner sanctum” complete with a sunken fireplace, view of the verdant green backyard and sports court, as well as full panelled shelves with complete edition of legal journals.

“If the owner prefers, the space can be easily converted to serve other personal uses such as a home theater or additional bedrooms.”

In addition to providing the best commute of your life, a working home office offers several tax advantages if you are able to deduct qualified business use of home expenses.

“The portion of the residence that the taxpayer is claiming to be his/her home office must be used exclusively and on a regular basis for the qualifying business activity,” explains certified public accountant Robert Cohen, who has worked with the Encino property to provide full tax advantages for years.

“The setup of the office in this home makes it easy to meet the ‘exclusivity/ requirement because the space is separate from the rest of the house,” he adds, making this gated, 6,500 sq. ft. estate an even more attractive buy for the business professional.