Baz Luhrmann’s remake of “The Great Gatsby”, which brought in $51.1 million in its opening weekend, have left audiences pining for much more than just a glamorous good time with endless champagne.

“People are falling in love with Art Deco again,” Frank Pollaro, a custom furniture maker renowned for reproductions of Jazz Age designs, recently told the The Los Angeles Times. His phones have been ringing off the hook from those who desire the kind of decadent and lavish interiors portrayed in homes like those featured in the blockbuster hit.


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This shift in tastes and preferences can be traced back to the talented, Oscar-winning production designer Catherine Martin, who created the stunning period sets seen throughout the movie. In order to stage the picnic that Jay Gatsby hosts on the floor of his ballroom, “We brought in a garden bench and filled it and the floor with velvet, satin and silk pillows,” she describes.

Martin is also credited with designing the Fitzgerald Suite at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, a nod to the film’s iconic characters as well as Fitzgerald himself who was known to frequent the 5th Avenue mainstay. This 700-square-foot space (priced at $2,795 a night plus tax) includes all the over-the-top furnishings that you would expect to find after reading the book or seeing the movie, along with transformative decor that channels 1920s New York at every turn. Of special note is the suites library nook containing all the authors complete collection of works and (not surprisingly) a built-in bar.

Martin recently spoke with L.A. at Home about the mansions in “Gatsby” for those out there (like us) who are wondering what was real, what was imagined and where she got those fabulous furnishings and floral arrangements. Click here to read the full interview.

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