Our My Life at The Ritz series takes a look at the extraordinary individuals who call The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE home and discover what they love about living in Downtown Los Angeles. Today we talk with producer and sound designer Stephen Dewey (above, with his wife Patty).

To say that Stephen and Patty Dewey are passionate about Downtown Los Angeles living would be an understatement. The couple have been residents of The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE since October 2012, and even moved their successful business Machine Head, an award winning sound design company, from Venice to Downtown Los Angeles. Fervent LA Kings fans and adventurous urban explorers of great food, music and culture, the two fully embrace and take advantage of all that living at The Ritz-Carlton offers — from the array of restaurants and nightlife to the very best in cultural and sporting events.

Describe the perfect DTLA day?

Stephen Dewey: Well, it would be a Saturday. Having been awoken by the golden bloom of the rising sun rather than the clamor of the alarm, we’re up and off on an early visit to the blooms and scents of the Flower Market on Wall Street. This would be followed by a visit to the Grand Central Market for some meandering and breakfast grazing while shopping for esoteric and more routine grocery items to enliven the week’s home cooking. Later, back at The Ritz-Carlton, a light workout before the rest of the morning is spent catching up on various hobby type activities. In the afternoon, perhaps a Walt Disney Concert Hall matinee, some Beethoven or whatever interesting program is currently on the agenda. If not that, then a walk up to check out what is on display at MOCA. On the way back we would stop for an early dinner at Chaya and then home to get ready to watch the Kings beat the Ducks again. To celebrate the victory, we would stop on at WP24 for a night cap

Your favorite DTLA place(s) for lunch?

SD: Our current favorite is Bäco Mercat on Main at 5th.

POOL TO CABANA EVENING AMBER LIGHT copyFavorite place of serenity in DTLA?

SD: Residents’ Pool Deck at The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE.

Biggest change we’ll see in Downtown Los Angeles five years from now?

SD: I think the skyline will have a few more high-end residential buildings and hotels, and there will be more people living downtown amidst a fresh vital retail and lifestyle scene. I expect to see a more bicycle friendly DTLA. I think DTLA has all the ingredients for an Abbot Kinney style renaissance.

Do you have a DTLA exercise regimen?

SD: Now that we have moved into The Ritz-Carlton I do. I was formerly always time-challenged, but being able to elevator down a few floors to the Resident’s gym makes running a couple of miles one day and working with weights the following day a consistent program. Being able to stop off and swim in the pool on the 26th floor is an exhilarating bonus.

Favorite examples of DTLA architecture?

SD: There are so many contenders for this one, from the stunning looks and astonishing engineering of Walt Disney Concert Hall to the stoic facades of the Central Libray. We’ve been mesmerized by The Ritz-Carlton building since its svelte elegant form pushed its way up into the DTLA skyline. The new Broad Museum looks as if it is going to be the latest amazing example of building as art form.

Favorite place for drinks?

SD: The Perch, a hip bar and restaurant with open air terraces providing lofty view of the cityscape. Pete’s in the middle of the arts district at Main and 5th is a low key restaurant with excellent service and flavorful food. Of course, WP24 is a no brainer option for us for drinks or an elevated (literally) dining experience with friends — a no brainer as it is in The Ritz-Carlton building where we live and it’s consistently great.

Favorite DTLA walking tour?

SD: The DTLA Art Walk is always a stimulating and surprising way to discover the work of the local artists and connect with the neighborhood.

Where do you like to take guests visiting DTLA?

SD: Being rabid Kings fans, we routinely take our friends and guests with us to STAPLES Center to “make some noise.”

Where else in L.A. have you lived?

SD: Brentwood, Venice, and Marina Del Rey.

Why do you now live in DTLA?

SD: We live in DTLA for two reasons. One is simply that we live at The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, which provides us with a sophisticated but flexible and low key home. Secondly, DTLA echoes what we loved so much about living in London and later, New York; we prefer the hustle and bustle of the city center. DTLA presents literally a different complexion, different cadences, all sources of new discoveries within that metropolitan context.


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