By Mauricio Umansky

Although born in Mexico City, I was basically raised in Bel Air. From the age of 6, I lived right around the corner from the Glen Centre and now, a few decades later, I still live right around the same corner with my own family. It’s so peaceful living up in the hills away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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On a perfect day in my neighborhood, I wake up early and get dressed in the dark while the whole family remains asleep. Driving to Mountain Gate Country Club, I take a second to appreciate the solitude of an empty 405. As Los Angeles slowly stirs, I spend the early morning hitting some golf balls and taking in the views.

As the day warms up, I put away my clubs and meet my family for brunch at the Glen Deli, where we’ve been regulars coming forever. After a big meal, we like to walk around the Glen Centre, and pop into a few of the shops. I take the girls to Fresh Paws of Bel Air and let them pick out treats to bring home for the dogs, while I try some shades at the Optical Connection. My daughters love to stop by Charlie’s Pantry before we go so they can pick up something sweet from the bakery.

If we venture out for the day, we might check out an exhibit, or just walk the beautiful grounds of the Getty Museum. It’s so nice to spend the day there and take in all that it has to offer. And before you even know it, it’s already getting dark!

Don’t be surprised to find us right back at the Glen Centre for dinner, having sushi at Sushi House Unico (a family favorite and place that we can always agree on). The food is delicious and the staff there know our orders by heart. If the night is still young and my wife and I want to have a little fun, we might drop off the kids and meet a few friends at the Bel Air hotel for drinks. We enjoy it there- the hotel is classically elegant and perfectly convenient.


The above Guide to Bel Air originally appeared in the Spring issue of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.