A new docu-series called Eat, Drink, Love is premiering on Bravo that explores the always evolving landscape of the LA restaurant industry. The show, which airs on Sunday, August 11, chronicles the lives of five influential and single women who are trying to navigate the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene or, as Bravo phrases it, “claw their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene.”

Although Eat, Drink, Love may sound like The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills before they became housewives, the series presents an opportunity to gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the most talked about hot spots. It’s a chance for the foodie in all of us to “experience the glitz and glamour of the Los Angeles culinary world from the comfort of your own couch.”

Each member of the cast brings something unique to the table. Kat Odell, a New York native, is now the editor of prestigious food blog, Eater LA. Brenda Urban and Nina Clemente, both east coast transplants, moved to LA to become a culinary publicist and a private chef, respectively. Then there’s Jessica Miller, a Midwest native who is deep in the restaurant scene and Waylynn Lucas, the pastry chef who brought us the fonut, doughnuts that are baked not fried.

Don’t wait until the August premiere to glimpse these ladies in action. Watch the full trailer here.