In recent years, the transformation in the way people seek out and buy their food has been hard to ignore. Consumers are shying away from big box distributors like Walmart and Target in favor of fresh, farm-to-table settings in an effort to establish viable, local lifestyles. It’s a movement aiming to take the “super” out of “market” and developers are hot on the heels of urban foodies to capitalize.

1016932_507422315979672_1973922579_nThe L.A. Times recently pointed to the fact that real estate experts are starting to see this shift happen in a variety of neighborhoods across the Southland.

“As people become more health-conscious, we are seeing a greater number of organic grocers permeate the market,” said Richard Rizka, real estate broker of CBRE Group Inc., responding to a decline in the overall amount of space devoted to traditional supermarkets in the U.S. This is especially true of Downtown LA, specifically the eastern edge, which has become increasingly more residential and in need of that hip, fresh market around the corner.

486778_481075431947694_474232933_nResponding to this demand for locally-sourced goods is the all new Urban Radish market set to open soon in Downtown L.A. During a soft opening on July 4, Arts District patrons were overjoyed by the selection, creating lines that “wrapped all the way into the back of the store,” according to The Agency’s own Brigham Yen on his popular blog, DTLA Rising.

While roaming the 8,200 square feet of polished concrete floors and exposed ducts—the space was formerly an industrial warehouse—you’ll be able to stock your reusable tote with seasonal vegetables, cheeses and cured meats sourced from places like Spain and England at the deli counter, and kitchen staples like olive oil and organic spices.

“The food that we have here has been curated,” shared co-owner and Arts District resident Carolyn Paxton. “Every item has been tasted and tested, and it’s amazing.” There are even electric vehicle charging stations located in the market’s parking lot to cater to the mostly liberal, artistic, and entrepreneurial community living and working in the Arts District.

“Urban Radish isn’t just another specialty market in Los Angeles,” notes Yen. “Instead of just waiting on large chains like Trader Joe’s (who still don’t get it!), this market, which was started by Arts District resident Carolyn Paxton, is clear evidence that downtown residents — passionate about urban living and creating a livable neighborhood — are taking matters into their own hands.”

Urban Radish: 660 Mateo St., Los Angeles; near the Biscuit and Toy Factory Lofts. Grand opening is set for next month on August 13.

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