The Agency’s Kofi Natei Nartey, star of “Selling LA” on HGTV, recently sat down with trulia luxe living for a candid discussion. Kofi is commonly interviewed for his real estate expertise and knowledge of the housing market (The Agency last reported on his interview with Black Enterprise), but for anyone who watches “Selling LA,” this know-how is clear.

As trulia luxe living states, “He has quickly become a trusted resource for the luxury real estate market, often called on for speaking engagements and as an industry expert.”

Kofi was asked a series of fun questions that allow readers to get to know him better. He discusses how he got his start in the real estate market, his guilty pleasure (watches), and other little-known facts about himself.

Kofi got his start in real estate ten years ago, after seeing a friend’s commission check. He had always been interested in both real estate and architecture, so the transition into the real estate sector following his careers as an NFL player and actor seemed natural.

Since switching professions, he has sold millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate, and specializes in selling to pro-athletes. As the article states, “his experience in sports and entertainment makes him the go-to guy for professional athletes, entertainers, and other distinguished clientele in luxury real estate.”

In terms of fun facts about Kofi, he has quirky yet endearing traits just like the rest of us. He is a “watch guy,” for one, and has 40 watches, each with a special case. And if he could be anyone in the world, it would be Iron Man. “He’s cool, rich, has amazing ‘toys’, and he helps people. Not to mention, he can fly,” Kofi says.

Learn more about Kofi Natei Nartey by reading the full interview here.

Photo Above: Kofi’s listing at 17414 Magnolia Blvd., Amestoy Estates