Remember spending those long afternoons as a child playing with LEGOs? Ah, the building blocks of our youth—pun intended. Now those brightly colored bricks are being taken to a whole new level with the release of the LEGO Architecture Studio design toolkit.

For $149.99, the toolkit allows for architecture fans and enthusiasts to create their own 3D architectural masterpieces from a monochromatic palette. Each box includes 1,210 white and translucent LEGOs along with a 272-page inspirational guide book full of architecture designs, tips and information on concepts such as scale, symmetry, mass, density, space and section.

To promote the launch of the sophisticated medium, a fleet of Barnes & Noble stores nationwide hosted their first-ever LEGO Architecture Studio event from July 25-28 where people got the chance to experience the products first-hand. The celebration offered participants an exclusive opportunity to experiment and create their own original architectural designs.

The new “box of bricks” for grown-ups is an extension of LEGO’s existing architectural series that allows people to recreate landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Fallingwater, the Empire State Building, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to name a few.

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