The world of Architecture and Design does not neglect our canine companions, as seen in our earlier posts about which pet hotels to check into and dog houses that push the envelope. Now comes a new discovery carrying a more casual aesthetic: tipis designed specifically for dogs.

Growler Goods founders Matt Graber and Heather Roma started their company as a way to renew a sense of California wilderness that they feel has become lost in today’s modern world, as well as promote an outdoor lifestyle for both owner and pet.

“It seems that many of the intrinsic core needs of life have been forgotten,” they say on their website. “We’ve decided to focus on bringing the den instinct back to the fore of a dog’s everyday existence as it’s in this state that they are truly at peace with their surroundings.”

To guide our pooches back to nature, Growler Goods has introduced a line of ikat-print tipis that provide them with a protective and comforting environment from which to observe, snooze, and call home. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, the tipis, which were recently featured in the September issue of Sunset Magazine, are made from 100% cotton, birch wood, and micro fiber suede cord with a portion of each sale going to charities that help dogs in need. Their ecologically-friendly line also offers practical yet classically-designed accessories including blankets, leashes, bandanas, harnesses, and poop bag holsters.

Care to venture outside the home? Take your dog and tipi to these parks and beaches (and restaurants, if you’re feeling so bold) that welcome the wagging. Tipis from $110, matching ponchos from $65;