It’s time to wake up and smell the dog treats. An increasing number of luxury hotels not only allow, but also embrace, “man’s best friend” staying in their hotels. We did a little research and put together a list of a few of our favorite bark-friendly places around California.

Carmel Valley Ranch
$100 per visit fee


Carmel Valley Ranch makes it very clear from the get-go that your pup will enjoy its stay just as much as you will. The moment you walk in, there is a bulldog waiting to greet you and help you and your pup check in. The website welcomes you with the tagline “Welcome to our 500 acre playground.” For a 4.5/5 star hotel to be advertising themselves that way, they must really believe in their fun. They don’t disappoint either. There are more wild animals grazing and inhabiting the grounds than there are humans. Your dog will have the time of its life running around this enormous ranch. Upon entering your standard 800 sq. ft. suite, your dog will be greeted with a large doggie bed and a welcome bacon snack, along with bowls for food and water. This great hotel also offers activities that both you and your dog will love, such as guided hiking and jogging routes along the ranch.

Four Seasons Resort
No pooch fee

Santa Barbara

Located in The Biltmore, this 1927 classic resort offers 5-star luxury for both you and your dog. The property stands on a stately 20-acre plot of land and has a Spanish-colonial feel. We have to give a shout out to the Four Seasons botanist. The lawns are perfectly manicured, and your dog will love exploring the jungle-like scenery on the grounds of the property. Perhaps the best perk about bringing your dog along for the trip is that most of the pet owners get put up in cottages, which have direct, convenient access to the outdoors for your dog to do its business. The hotel supplies you with bags for an easy clean up. If you really want to pamper your pup, try the $120 for 30-minute head-to-toe dog massage. Most reviews of this service claim that the owners of the dogs felt jealous of how at-ease their pooch looked after the massage. The Four Seasons doesn’t like serving its doggy guests the typical dog food either. They have a menu just for your furry friends, including a rare filet mignon steak.

Peninsula Hotel
$35 per night fee

Beverly Hills

The Peninsula Hotel, located on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Wilshire, offers legendary service for humans, and now that service is extended to your dog. Your dog will arrive to bowls filled with Fiji Water, comfortable doggy beds, and a personally monogrammed towel for you to clean its paws and face. You are likely to enjoy the next service just as much as your pooch – complimentary dog walking. This service is even more convenient because there isn’t much grass or play area around the hotel. If your dog gets thirsty, order the doggy martini, which is low-sodium beef bouillon in a glass. As a meal, the hotel offers a turkey burger with vegetables mixed into the meat. And if you and your dog want to go for a ride around town, feel free to use the complimentary Rolls Royce the hotel offers to its customers.