There’s nowhere left to hide, Manhattan Beach.

Appearing in the August 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, “Manhattan Beach Real Estate Prices Go Wild” explored the reasons why the small beach town is attracting professional athletes, coaches, and the highest real estate prices since the housing boom of 2006.

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According to the article, Manhattan Beach had “the most $1 million-plus home sales of any Southern California city in 2012” and hit a peak medium residential sales price of $1.8 million in May, which is up 22-percent from the same month in 2012. To top that off, the second-highest price ever paid for a home in the city occurred this past February when a modern five-bedroom home on the Strand sold for $11 million.

The appeal of living in Manhattan Beach begins with the lure of the Pacific ocean and the laid-back lifestyle that comes with that, but we can’t ignore the handful of other perks: the quality of the public school system, abundance of emerging high-end restaurants (David LeFevre’s M.B. Post, and the recently-opened Little Sister, to name a couple), proximity to LAX airport, and charming “walk streets,” which are car-free and offer a more peaceful, neighborhood feel.

Little Sister is one of the growing number of acclaimed restaurants turning Manhattan Beach into a culinary hotspot.

Only four miles from Downtown Manhattan Beach is the Toyota Sports Center, the official training facility for the NHL’s Kings and NBA’s Lakers, another reason why more and more superstars and their coaches (i.e. Steve Nash and Lakers coach Mike D’ Antoni) are calling the coastal town their home.

Top industry players in Film and TV production have flocked to the area as well, a trend that we can point a large finger at James Cameron for instigating—his Lightstorm Entertainment production company relocated to the 22-acre MBS Media Campus in 2011, signing a five-year lease to film two sequels to Avatar, among other series being shot at the complex.

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