What if you could actually get inside the creative minds of some of the most celebrated, internationally-known architects and architecture studios? With the  Inspiration and Process in Architecture Series by Moleskine, curators of putting pen to paper, this avenue of discovery is now possible.

In partnership with editors Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, the  collection of notebooks walk the line between personal journal and conventional textbook, providing the key to unlocking our understanding of the creative process.

With each turn of the page, the reader is pulled into a graphic narrative that explores the curiosities and progressions leading to some of the greatest structures of our time. Each clothbound notebook features an elastic closure and bookmark ribbon containing critical essays, an interview with the architect, and a multi-media “Drawings” section that includes the architect’s design materials and images taken right from their personal notebooks.

Hundreds of colored illustrations further help you envision the plight that architects, like artists and thinkers altogether, undertake to transform an idea from inception to realization.

The Inspiration and Process in Architecture series offers insight into the working methods of the likes of Italian Designer/Architect Cino Zucchi, German-based Bolles+Wilson (whose award-winning architecture include the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam and the City Library in Munster), the late Giancarlo De Carlo, Mexican Architect Alberto Kalach, Pritzker Architecture Prize recipient Zaha Hadid (the first women to do so) and Dutchman Wiel Arets.

Keeping the collaborative and experimental nature of architecture in mind, the two latest titles to join the line, Studio Mumbai and Dominique Perrault, illustrates the collective dialogue between the well-known group of Indian architects and craftsmen and presents a look inside two international competitions for museum buildings, respectively.

Interesting in winning a Moleskine notebook from the Inspiration and Process in Architecture Collection? To enter, follow this link and fill out the survey by 11:59 PM Friday, August 9, 2013. Winners will be selected at random. To learn more about the collection, visit here.