As a neighborhood resource for parents and soon-to-be parents in and around Los Angeles, The Agency’s Michelle Schwartz is interviewing dynamic moms and dads and asking for their valuable insights on the neighborhoods they live in. Today, Michelle talks with our very own Josh Myler, Director of the Residential Division at The Agency. Originally from the Bay Area, Josh lives in West Hollywood with his 6-year-old son Sayle. Josh began his sales and marketing career in the Dot Com arena, and for the last 11 years, he has brought his sales and marketing experience and Internet savvy to the business of buying and selling luxury homes.


Tell me a little about why you love living in your neighborhood. What drew you to live in this neighborhood?

Among the many reasons why I initially moved to my neighborhood (Sunset Square) is its proximity to Runyon Canyon, one of the biggest and best off-leash dog parks in Los Angeles. We love the outdoors and having this beautiful mountain right outside our door has been a blessing.  Also, we are walking distance to our favorite restaurant, Cheebo. They are amazing food and a great scene at breakfast, lunch & dinner.

What are the best ways to keep your kids active in the neighborhood?

Hiking, running, baseball, soccer, martial arts, reading in the park, hide & go seek . . . it’s endless! I mean – my son is 6 now; he’s like the Energizer bunny. He keeps me running around and feeling young. We have so much fun. Thankfully, there are other wonderful families in our neighborhood with whom we get together often. Two other activities that are a bit off the beaten path, but not by much, are Color Me Mine in Beverly Hills and iFly at the Universal City Walk. We love both.

Would you say you live in a kid-friendly area, and what makes it kid friendly to you?

For sure. It’s so easy for us to jump in the car and cruise over to The Grove, where we go to movies, shop and run around and have fun. One of our favorite restaurants in the Farmer’s Market (at The Grove) is a great Brazilian food spot called Pampa’s Grill. Sayle and I have been going there since he was just little guy.

Where are your favorite places to go for some Dad time without your son?

We love to go to Jone’s Bar, on Santa Monica Blvd, Eveleigh on Sunset and you can’t beat Sugarfish for sushi. We’re creatures of habit. When we find something that works, we stick to it. We’re pretty loyal patrons that way. Whenever we find ourselves on the Westside, in Santa Monica, we will make a point to stop in at Cora’s Cafe. This is by far our favorite breakfast/lunch spot. Also, there’s a new BBQ spot that recently opened on La Brea, just below Melrose, called Bludso’s. Super good!

Tell us about any rare gems or best-kept secrets in the area that make your life a bit easier.

One thing that has become somewhat of a God send is the ubiquitous Uber, a car service that costs a little bit more than your average taxi , but the benefits (in my opinion) far out weigh the cost – a good thing for those who aren’t in the know, to check out.

Share with us your easy and quick go-to places to shop for the kids.

Vine America Party Store is always great for quick and easy ideas for birthday parties and/or any other party. Ice Cream Plus is the best tuna and egg salad sandwich in our area, hands down. Greenblatt’s Delicatessen is an amazing deli that is great for the whole family.

Is there anything you are working on or want to share with the readers? Anything coming up or exciting you want to promote?

At the moment, I am focused on making the balance of the year just as prosperous and fun as the first. The economy is back on track and the housing market is healthy again. And I’m looking forward to having a lot more Dad time too!

22Michelle Schwartz is a founding agent at The Agency, a Los Angeles native, a wife and mom of 2 (ages 3 & 19 mo).  Having been born and raised in Beverly Hills, and now living in Studio City, she is savvy to the city as a whole and the nuances of the areas that make LA so special. Now with 2 young children, she is more and more aware of how her life revolves around the needs and conveniences of the children. Michelle has asked her friends to help her create this series to serve as a neighborhood resource for parents and soon-to-be parents in and around Los Angeles. Should you need any assistance or want more information on finding or selling a home, please feel free to contact Michelle.