By John “Wig” Wigmanich

Have you ever walked into a house that seems flat, unemotional and entirely forgettable? Being an agent in the luxury real estate market of Los Angeles, I see it constantly. But there are simple things that anybody can do to warm up any living environment – and one of my favorites is scented candles.

Scented candles are one of the greatest, easiest, cost effective ways to warm up, cheer up, freshen up, mellow out, or sex up any environment. The hypnotic, inviting glow, scent and look of a scented candle make it a visual and “scentual” experience that is a necessity for any modern human being. Some celebrities take scented candles so seriously that they have candle closets where shelves or drawers are broken down to type of scent, and they can choose one based on their mood.

Being here in LA, we are blessed to have one of the best candle stores in the United States (and possibly the world): Candle Delirium in West Hollywood.

Anthony, the owner, is like a professor of scents and candles, and he is a passionate artist when it comes to his craft. He knows everything there is to know about candles, so much so that he has his own brand, Delirium. He works with some of the best perfumers in the world to create his signature perfumes, and he is a true scent savant. His best-selling candle from his personal Delirium line, “Suede and Smoke,” was rated the #1 candle by the editor of Allure magazine and has 18 different fragrances and essential oils!

CD_logoRecently, I had a single male client ask me to help warm up his home, so the first thing I did was head down to Candle Delirium. I brought in a simple floor plan I drew up of my client’s home and had Anthony create a seamless flow of complementing scents from room to room. The bathrooms were clean citrus smells, (grapefruit, bamboo, lavender and lime), kitchen and dining room were scentless (scented candles shouldn’t compete with food smells), while the living room had a sandalwood vibe and the bedroom was of leather and a heavy hint of a luxurious burning fireplace. You can experiment or talk to an expert like Anthony to find the best scented floor plan for your home.

Candles are a ritual, and there certain tools that you should have if you are a serious candle burner:

  • Wicktrimmers-both-l Trimmer: to cut the mushroom that forms on the wick and creates smoke. Cut wick down to a quarter of an inch from wax. It gets deep where scissors can’t reach.
  • Wick Dipper: It pushes the flame under the wax and then you pull it up. It prevents wax from blowing all over the place if you blow it out and cuts down on the smoke when extinguished.
  • Lighter Stick: you can buy an inexpensive one at the hardware store or a beautiful one for about $40. Essential to have!
  • Candle Tool: looks like a melon ball scooper and is great if you have issues with cutting your wick too short.

Anthony and I have a similar taste in scents. Here’s a list of some of the candles he introduced me to that we both love…

These are all available on the Candle Delirium website. So regardless of where you live, what size your home is, or who you live with, luxury can be had with the flick of a flame.


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