“The more I look at this home, the more I’m pretty sure Tony Stark from Iron Man lives there,” says Gwendolyn Bounds, anchor of The Wall Street Journal‘s daily noon news and lifestyle show “Lunch Break.”

Bounds is talking about 1201 Laurel Way, an architectural masterpiece owned and developed by Richard Papalian and designed by Michael Palumbo, along with architect Marc Whipple. Listed for $36 Million, the Beverly Hills marvel is being revealed for the first time to the public.

Below the property’s luxurious guest home is an all-glass 6-car garage and car museum.

Bounds’ immediate impression of 1201 Laurel Way, as something that could only be dreamed up in a Hollywood movie about a genius, billionaire, playboy super hero, isn’t surprising. The home is the result of years of visionary excellence, devotion and patience, and pushes the design and technological envelopes in every conceivable way.

1201 Laurel Way is a self-contained enclosure, which, like a castle, is surrounded by a dramatic “moat” and sits on “top of the world” in the world’s most famous zip code. Presented in the most cinematic way possible, the entirety of Downtown Los Angeles, Catalina, and the coastline of California is offered in one unobstructed, sweeping view.

As the Wall Street Journal notes in the latest issue of “Mansion,” 1201 Laurel Way “comes fully furnished, down to the bathroom towels.” Papalian shares, “I built the house to take advantage of what I thought was an extraordinary lot in Beverly Hills.”

The home’s main outdoor entertainment area complete with a zero-edge Infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

For Palumbo, the home is a crowning achievement. “Laurel Way is so much superior than anything I see out there,” he says. Considering the many estates that Palumbo visits for big celebrity clients, this observation is extremely noteworthy. Palumbo’s influence has been stamped into the landscape of Los Angeles, including the coveted “Bird Streets” neighborhood above Sunset Strip where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, and Madonna have lived for years.

For more on the extraordinary story behind the home and the individuals responsible for its creation, view the below book, or here. You can view the property’s listing page here.