By Gersh 


If you want to catch the next wave of beachfront properties on the highly coveted California shoreline, a great place to start is in the community of Oxnard Shores.

I grew up in Malibu during the 1970s and 80s, and I remember it as a place for iconic musicians, actors and artists to escape from the spotlight and truly experience the relaxed beachfront lifestyle. Today, Malibu is a world-class destination that has become home to billionaires like Larry Ellison, with real estate prices skyrocketing.

As such, I’ve been looking for a front row seat to the Pacific with prime property that it is affordable now. I believe Oxnard Shores offers similar opportunities to the Malibu I grew up in. Plus, while price per-square-foot in Malibu is currently around $2,000-4000, in Oxnard Shores it still hovers around $750-950.

Picture yourself settling into a truly relaxing beach lifestyle. You can spend time at Silver Strand, a one-mile long stretch of white sandy beach. Just north of the Silver Strand lies Hollywood and Mandalay Beach; both offer fantastic views of the Channel Islands and multiple surf spots.

Additionally, Mandalay Beach Park is a protected beach with natural sand dunes and a wetlands ecosystem that is recognized for its important environmental value. If you don’t want sand in your shoes, you can tee off on the crisp greens of Olivas, Spanish Hills, Buenaventura, or River Ridge. Just make sure to avoid the bunkers!


Quintessential California Beachfront Home: Built in 2005, the well maintained 4bdrm/4bath house faces the wide sandy expanse of Mandalay Beach. » View Home

Due to the recent market pressure, prices have come down and we are due for an upswing. Southern California beach areas such as Malibu, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach have already experienced it. Oxnard Shores is an opportunity to experience the beach lifestyle with huge potential for growth in the future.

At only 45 minutes north of Malibu, Oxnard Shores is nestled between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. It may well represent the next big wave of shoreline properties.