The Agency is proud to announce that, in addition to serving as Director of Client Relations at The Agency, Farrah Aldjufrie has now become a licensed real estate agent and joins The Agency’s team of top-tier brokers.

Farrah has worked very closely with The Agency’s CEO and Co-founder, Mauricio Umansky (who is also her step-dad), and has aided him with many of his $20M+ high-end sales, assisting with everything from marketing to listing presentations to escrows. Having learned from the best-of-the-best, she is able to pair her knowledge of real estate with an expansive network of those who bump shoulders in the high-end luxury market. She makes it a point to always conduct herself with the utmost integrity, friendliness and professionalism.


Newly Listed: Farrah is the listing agent for the gorgeous Italian Villa at 1156 San Ysidro Dr. in the heart of Beverly Hills » View Home

“Farrah has always been one of the most responsible and dynamic people I have known,” says Mauricio. “Her business and work ethics are outstanding. I am so proud to have her work with me, and I am certain that whatever my expectations are, she will far exceed them, just as she always has.”

Billy Rose, President and Co-founder of The Agency, notes: “She’s learned at the feet of her dad, one of today’s legends of real estate. Her instincts are spot on, and her network is extensive and impressive. I suspect it won’t take long before the protégé overtakes the mentor.”

Farrah was born and raised in Beverly Hills. She ventured off to New York University for a couple of years before returning to Los Angeles and graduating Magna Cum Laude from The University of Southern California. As one of the founding members of The Agency, she has been with the company since its inception, working as the Director of Client Relations for the firm as well as Executive Assistant to Mauricio. She will continue to serve in her capacity as Director of Client Relations.

Outside of real estate, Farrah’s interests include spending time with her family, fashion, music, dance and traveling with friends. Her favorite vacation spots are Bali, for relaxation, and Ibiza, for the nightlife. She currently lives in Beverly Hills with her cat, Jade, and her kitten, Blue.