‘Tis the month to get scared of spooky spectacles and supernatural secrecies. Lucky for us Angelenos, this city is full of scary good events — from watching a play in a haunted mortuary to becoming a character in an interactive horror scene — that will leave you afraid to walk in the dark alone.

Here are our top five haunted attractions in LA:

Theatre of Terror Haunted House

South Pasadena’s Fremont Center Theatre has been transformed into a deranged house of haunt, equipped with special effects, impressive props, and loud noises. Best of all, the building is a former mortuary, and there are legends that the place is still haunted today. 

Their website provides a backstory, explaining that director Maxwell Wyczeck, who allegedly died in a theatre fire years ago, is back for one “killer” performance. Tickets are $10.00 online and $12.00 at the door; since proceeds go to the South Pasadena Arts Council as part of fundraising efforts, there will be no refunds for scaredy cats who cannot handle the haunt.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The fact that Griffith Park is allegedly cursed, home to all kinds of true crime, and is supposedly haunted by its victims, makes its Haunted Hayride event that much more terrifying. For its 5th year, Haunted Hayride creators have made the ride – which features monsters that strike at you and other surprises – 25 minutes long.

The maze portion of the event, called The In Between, was voted the scariest maze in LA during the 2012 season. Envision a pitch black, confusing labyrinth you must find your way out of with only one provided lantern help from the people you go with.

The third portion, Purgatory, includes features such as psychics, scary slide shows, special effects, and The Scary-Go-Round. You can buy tickets via the website.

DELUSION Interactive Horror Theatre

Based on their video summary, DELUSION is likely the scariest Halloween spot in LA. Patrons do not just sit and watch a show, but actually become a character in the twisted and sinister play. KCAL 9 is quoted as saying, “It might be the scariest play you’ve ever seen, because you are in it! Delusion is a psychological thriller sure to keep you up at night.”

Make sure to wear comfy shoes/clothes to this one; you will be hiding from monsters and other creepy characters, crawling, and interacting in other ways.

Halloween at the Roosevelt

Each year for Halloween, the Roosevelt Hotel throws your traditional Hollywood Halloween bash, equipped with stiff drinks, cool costumes, and spinning DJs. What’s scary is the haunted history behind the hotel.

This long running establishment and LA landmark is rumored is to be haunted by a dancing Marilyn Monroe and other spirits.

Security guards, celebrity guests, and visitors have reported supernatural sightings and strange occurrences. This includes lamps turning on in the middle of the night and doors becoming locked from the inside when no one is in the room.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

There is nothing scarier than the thought of zombies chasing you. The masters of special effects at Universal Studios have made the zombie nightmare a reality by creating a maze based on the hit show The Walking Dead. Other mazes at the theme park are based on popular horror movies.

On the “Terror Tram,” which is the traditional tram ride with a twist, brace yourself for zombies and other dead creatures to reach out at you, and additional spooky surprises.