By John “Wig” Wigmanich

Real estate brokers in Los Angeles can feel a little schizophrenic when it comes to deciding what to wear. If you’re working in Santa Monica, for example, the dress vibe tends to be upper casual (slacks and a dress shirt), while in Beverly Hills a suit is the way to go. On the Sunset Strip, it’s all about the Hollywood casual look of jeans, a v-neck and a pair of chucks. And while it may be an easy call on what to wear if you’re heading to just one spot, there’s a good chance, as an agent, you could be in all of those areas in the matter of a day.

Then there’s the weather you have to consider. Yes, we’re blessed with warm temps year round, but during a busy day of showing homes, when you’re constantly getting in and out of your car, you run the risk of breaking out in a sweaty mess, especially if you’re donning a suit. And just because it’s fall now, doesn’t mean the hot days are over. One day it may be breezy cool in the low 70s, and the next, scorching hot in the 90s.

ROYAL PARK & BALL FoundersSo, with these considerations in mind, I decided to get some pro wardrobe tips and insight from the impeccably-dressed Bryan Nicholas (seated on the left in photo), founder of Royal Park & Ball, a custom clothier and image consultant. When I want to really impress, without trying too hard, I turn to Royal Park & Ball. Their clothing provides ultimate comfort with a custom tailored fit, and a classic timeless look with a touch of flair that I can wear any day, any way to the office or around town to listings and client meetings.

Wig: First off, tell us about Royal Park & Ball?

Bryan Nicholas: At Royal Park & Ball, we consider ourselves to be the most provocative custom clothing brand in Southern California. We want people to take pride in how they dress and to understand that, like life, it’s about quality.

ROYAL PARK & BALL scabal-aw1213-lookbook7

Our goal is to help raise the awareness of fashion here in LA and California. The most fashionable cities in the US don’t consider LA to be very fashionable and that bothers us, because there are different communities that are very fashionable.

Wig: How do you design in particular for the Los Angeles clientele and climate?

BN: People in LA like to be comfortable, so our Italian-inspired construction suits and blazers are made with lighter fabrics and has the option to be 1/4 or 1/3 lined for breathability in a warmer climate. The custom experience is truly an education on which fabric works best for the client’s lifestyle, style and image.

Wig: What should I be wearing during fall this year in L.A.?

Unknown[1]BN: We will be previewing our suits and blazers in lighter weight fabrics that fall in the Super 130’s – 150’s for the Southern California weather, along with light blues, tans, browns and plaids. Mostly unconstructed with accessories like lapel flowers, pocket squares and braces (suspenders for the uninitiated).

Wig: Suspenders? Really?

BN: Definitely. Braces (suspenders) can change a look in many ways. They can add a bit of prep to your outfit depending on your outfit’s patterns and colors. Sophistication can be added to a power suit giving you the “Banker” look. Finally, wearing Braces with a simple button-up or henley with slacks and Wingtips or Boots can give you a hipster look.

Wig: Finally, tell us about the type of clientele you generally work with?

BN: We work with a wealth of clients in various industries including executives, attorneys, agents, athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, street fashion connoisseurs and the list goes on. These guys want to make a statement in all aspects of their lives. Their success, like ours, is based on hard work and being uncompromising in their brands vision.


90.thumbnailJohn “Wig” Wigmanich has a gift for finding the perfect home to enhance your lifestyle; it’s a passion which he approaches as an art form. He works exclusively with a small number of loyal clients to ensure they always receive his highest priority and top-level service. Wig’s dedication to his clients accelerated him to be ranked top 3% nationally and to close a $13 million dollar estate in Beverly Park, both within his first 24 months in the business.

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