“Marble, windows, and booze” are the most sought after luxury amenities among those searching for a home, according to a new report from

Trulia looked at all the words and phrases that appear in luxury listings, identifying 20 phrases that trended upward most strongly in the past year compared with the previous year.

The Penthouses at Palazzo, located in the desirable Wilshire area, boasts  a number of the most coveted luxury amenities.

At the top of the list were “marble flooring” (up 30%), “marble baths” (up 78%), “windows” (up 56%), and “wine rooms” (up 30%), meaning having a well-stocked stash is still a priority for most. Other noteworthy mentions include “outdoor space”, “roof deck and terrace”, “breathtaking ocean views”, and fitness-related amenities. Luxury listings are 28% and 24% more likely to mention “gyms” and “tennis courts”, respectively.

Fulfilling this tall order are The Penthouses at Palazzo, a collection of two-story luxury apartment homes with exclusive resort-like amenities, located in the desirable Wilshire area of Los Angeles. The three-bedroom Villa Royale Penthouse features a fireplace with glimmering marble hearth, marble bathtub, and expansive living room which opens up to a corner balcony to add even more living space. Also impressive is the Villa Di Vino with its open floor plan, two-story windows, and Turkish marble shower walls and floor to literally bathe you in decadence. Of course, both suites also come with their own wine chiller.

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. The amenities that are now shifting downwards in overall mentions include formal rooms, like “formal dining rooms” and “living rooms”, both down 4%. Kitchen appliances, BBQ’s, and double sinks were also less likely to be mentioned in listings compared with the previous year.

In addition to shedding light on current market trends, these findings could also reflect a shift in expectations, as perhaps more buyers than ever are now expecting to have amenities like walk-in-closets, hardwood floors, and lush landscaping as opposed to seeing them as a “wow” factor.

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