After watching this beautiful aerial video featuring the breathtaking 1201 Laurel Way residence in Beverly Hills, you’ll understand why the “Jewel Box” lives up to its name. Complete with a moat that hugs the property—making you feel as if you are on an island surrounded by water—every angle of this architectural masterpiece reveals why this is a home unlike any other in Los Angeles.

The stunning video highlights the beautiful transition from day to night as well as from interior to exterior spaces, a seamlessness that owner and developer Richard Papalian conceived from the beginning stages of building.

“The single most important guiding principle for the house was to use indoor/outdoor quintessential California living experience,” he explains in the video. “It’s very difficult to tell where the interior space begins or ends and where the outdoor space takes over.”

Pointing out the design integrity of the interior is designer Michael Palumbo, who notes that Laurel Way is not a staged house, it is a designed house. Indeed, each piece of furniture, tile, and light fixture was chosen specifically for the house and applied in unique ways. While touring the various living spaces, you’ll notice the contrasting dark chocolate, white chocolate color theme, which serves to unite the materials and evoke drama throughout the property.

Enjoy the full video here or above. View the home’s listing page here.